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Online Quit Counter Clocks and Countdown meters

Real Time Quit Counters, Clocks and Timer Web Apps provides a collection web apps of online quit counters where you can measure smoking cessation, follow the growth and development of your baby due date, what happend on the day of your birthday, check the moon phases in real-time and stay up-to-day with all the world holidays and events. Each counter can be customized for your personal use.

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Quit Smoking Counter

Already stopped smoking? Do you want to quit now? Want to check what will happen when you quit smoking?

Due date predictor Pregnancy due date tracker

Want to predict or calculate your due date now? Curious about your baby growth?

Holiday clockWorld Holidays Countdown

With Holiday Calendar you can view the dates of all Popular Upcoming World Holidays

Birthday countdown My Birthday Countdown

Want to know what happended on your birthday? Birthday Calculator will calculate your Age and show birthday facts.

Moon phases this yearMoon Phase Clock

Already New Moon tonight? Check the Full Moon Calendar dates for 2010